Friday, May 30, 2008

More progress

I met with Gordon's church friend about the gardening they are doing. I'm not sure I was too much help, but she was very nice. They are trying to teach people to garden using pure square foot gardening techniques. I hope it goes well for them. Just teaching people to garden would be great.

My garden is doing well so far. I talked to the neighbors about the pesticide and was told they had not put any down yet, but would be soon. They said they would try to stay away from my garden. I guess that is all I can ask.

Pretty much everything is up now. The beans are up and looking pretty. All the root veggies are coming along slowly. The watermelon is up. I have flowers on one of the plants that Lori gave me. I'm hoping its the black krim. Now we'll just sit and wait for it all to come in.

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