Sunday, June 8, 2008


We just finished having quite a bit of rain and now its in the 90s. It seems a little early for a heat wave, but here we are.

I harvested a bit of spinach, but for some reason it is already going to seed. I didn't get nearly as much spinach as I thought I would. The lettuce seems to be stalled. I think its the little starter things I used that is keeping them hemmed up. I planted some more, so we'll see how that does.

The peas are getting tall and so is everything else. I hilled the potatoes and they're too tall again. We'll see if I can rehill again. There are jalapenos on my plant and flowers on a few of my tomato plants. Everything is really getting big, and should get huge with all this heat.

Today I plan to plant a bunch of broccoli and try again to get it to grow. I would really love this to work, since this is a favorite veggie with all of us.

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