Thursday, August 28, 2008

Adding photos

This is Little Man doing his read aloud. Right now he's reading Henry and the Clubhouse by Beverly Cleary. These were books that I loved when I was his age and figured he'd like them as well since the main character is a boy. So far, he seems less than impressed. However he isn't really thrilled to read anything but Garfield these days.

I think I may be getting this photo thing after all. it just may take a bit. This next photo is of Little Man'sSpelling lesson. We have been using Spelling Power and I'm very happy with it.

The lesson has a rule at the beginning and then words that use that rule for him to spell. Once I got him to truly listen to the rule, he's done very well with it. He likes to spell it outloud and then write it. The biggest problem, as with anything, is if he gets a word wrong, he loses his mind. He doesn't take getting things wrong very well. That might be a normal thing, but it is still frustrating.

Ok, so we'll have to play with the photo thing a little more. I'm happy with this though.

Continuing with week 1

We're very happy with everything so far. Noah has been doing well with fractions. Here is a picture of some of his work.

We've also been working with a new program called Writing With Ease. I started him with the 1st level and we're working through it at double pace to get caught up. Here is some of his writing work. He needed some prompting to get the letters done properly for some reason.

I'll continue this post soon. I'm still playing with blogger to figure out adding photos properly.

Monday, August 25, 2008

The First Day of School 2008-2009

Today was our first day back at school. The Little Man is in second grade and Pooh Bear is in Preschool.

After playing outside with his friends this morning, Little Man wasn't very happy about coming in to start school. Public School doesn't start until tomorrow, so he wanted to play today. I was the mean mommy.

After some tears, the day went rather well. He seemed to like the currriculum we had for the year. We'll see how it goes in the next few weeks.

Here he is doing his math. We started fractions today in Singapore 2B. He seemed to like doing them today and since there was no writing involved, he was very happy.
I didn't get any pictures of Pooh Bear today, but she was thrilled to start school. We worked on learning the letter E and reviewed the letter A. She did some handrwiting practice from the Donna Young site. We also did some math work on the number 5 in a Rod and Staff workbook a friend gave us. More pictures tomorrow.