Sunday, May 18, 2008


It's all in. Today I planted the last 4 blueberries, and Jose and I planted the fruit trees. Then we went to the farm and got some more plants. He got a bunch for his garden. (I'm so proud) I got 6 cauliflower, 3 cherry peppers and some rhubarb. I also planted the 6 tomatoes from Gordon and my bush beans.

To top it off, we finished the fence!!! It's so nice. Everything is coming up beautifully. I still haven't decided if I'm going to plant the dried beans. I need to put in some more peas, but that is it. It all looks great. The transplants are doing really well and the seeds are sprouting. Since it is about to rain again, I don't even need to water.

Since the squashes are starting to come up, I need to get the row covers on. I also need to get some more tomato cages. We'll go to the store at some point in the next day or so. The back screen door is rotted, so we need a new one.

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