Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Today I went out and looked at all the squashes. The zuchini had 2 hills come up, butternut 3 hills, pumpkin 2 hills and watermelon none. The cukes I think had a few hills come up, but hard to tell. I replanted a hill of zucchs, another hill of butternut, all the watermelon and all the cukes. According to the moon chart it should be a good day to plant them.

The row covers came off because the wind we've had lately ripped them in multiple places. I'm really not happy with the row covers. I think its time to try something else. Today will be research for another fix. I've heard of peppermint soap, but maybe I can just crush up some mint and spray that on. Anything but the row covers.

The root crops look like they are coming up now. Either that, or uniform weeds growing. I still can't figure out what is killing my broccoli. They die near the fence, so I'm wondering if the neighbors sprayed something on their lawn and it killed my veggies. They like they're chemicals over there. I'll have to talk to them today and find out. How should I diplomatically ask if they are killing off my garden?

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