Saturday, May 17, 2008

My little farm

This week was another busy one. I decided to plant the tomatoes and peppers this week on Thursday. They had been in the cold frame for 4 days and we are now having partly to mostly cloudy weather with rain in between. They look a little pale today, but otherwise just fine. One got broken at the ground level at some point, but the rest look ok. I think they just need some sun right now. We're supposed to get that this afternoon. The only thing left to plant is the beans. I just still need Rich to help with the fence. Maybe I can get Jose to help me.

We went and got some fruit trees yesterday. We got a cherry, peach and 2 apples a corland and yellow delicious. Jose and Jen and going to split the cost and care of the trees as well. We also got 4 more blueberry bushes for a total of 8. Jose is supposed to help me plant the trees this weekend. I'm not holding my breath. Today is just too wet, so it will have to be tomorrow.

I talked to Mom this morning. She is telling me that she never plants tomatoes this early. I think she's losing her mind. The reason that I plant mine this early is because of her. She got out her little notebook where she puts when she plants things. She had recorded for the past 7 years when she planted the rest of the garden, but never recorded when she planted her tomatoes. I'm so glad she isn't working anymore and can keep up with things much better now. My tomatoes are looking good, so I'm not really worried about it.

The zucchini are starting to sprout and the beets seem to be doing the same. We really just need some sun and warmth now.

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