Sunday, April 3, 2011

Progress finally

After getting some snow on Friday, we're finally warming up a bit.  It's still far from normal temps, but better nonetheless.  I was able to go out and prep about half of the beds and got the peas planted.

It still looks so barren and depressing, but it won't be long.  Most of that fence will hopefully be coming down in the next week or so.  I'll be cutting it up and using it as portable trellising for peas and the like.  It's hard to see from here, but in the main garden the first 2 beds have peas now planted on the Western edge of the beds. 

The brassicas and greens got to spend a few hours sunning themselves today.  It's been pretty windy, so they didn't make it very long.  If the weather continues to warm up, they'll be planted out next week.  Since they're getting a bit leggy, it will be very good for them. 

Compared to last year, it seems like we're incredibly behind.  In reality, last year was much warmer than normal, so this year's colder than normal feels that much worse.  I'd say we're about 2 weeks behind schedule overall, but it will hopefully catch up to where we should be soon.  It isn't all that unusual for New England to kind of skip over Spring and go directly from Winter to Summer.  If that's the case we'll be all set in a few weeks.