Saturday, May 3, 2008

Repotting and waiting for better weather

Well after all the gorgeous weather we had in the 70s last week, we have returned to reality. May 1st we had a frost down to 28. It has been cold in the 50s and rainy almost constantly. I had hoped to have enough of a break in the weather today to get the brassicas into the ground. It didn't happen.

Instead I potted up the tomatoes into larger pots 24 of them that is. Then I ran out of peat pots and space. The remaining 10 will have to wait a bit. They are getting a little big for their pots, with roots coming out the bottoms in some cases. However when I potted them up, they were definitely not root bound in any way. We'll see if they can wait another 2 weeks in their current pots. At least until I get the energy to wash out the old pots in the shed and pot them in those. The peppers are still pretty small and will be ok until plantout in their current pots I think. I'm planning to get a 6 pack of pepper plants at the farm to supplement my pepper stock. Other than that, I'm all set.

I went to the farm the other day to drool over the plants. I got some russet potatoes and onions. The potatoes got cut up into seed size and are sitting and crusting up. They will go in the ground with almost everything else on Tuesday or Wednesday when the weather improves. The kids are really excited to help plant the seeds. I just can't wait to have everything in the ground instead of in the basement, living room window and cold frame.

One last thing. The jalapeno plant that I overwintered is blooming and since I put it outside even has fruit forming on it! Jalapenos in May!

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