Tuesday, September 8, 2009

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Morgan just had her 5th birthday a few weeks ago. A huge milestone for her. To celebrate I wanted to get her a kitchen to play with. The problem is that so many are all plastic, made in China or crazy expensive. Then I remembered that I had my uber-talented neighbor J. J is the one who built my super cool chicken tractor this Spring. He loves Morgan and was thrilled to be able to make her something special.

This is what he came up with. He really did a nice job. Excuse the mess around it, its in the basement playroom which is also where all my storage is. He cut out a butterfly and got butterfly drawer pulls.
I love the little stove he made with real knobs to turn.
Here is a shot of the oven and cabinet. I even gave him the leftover paint from my kitchen, so it matches perfectly. Morgan loves it and is having a wonderful time making little pretend meals for everyone. I'm just thrilled with it in general. I've already talked to him about Christmas presents for the kids....


Fairly Odd Mother said...

Your neighbor is SOOOO talented! Love it! I will definitely be pestering him if/when we ever get chickens b/c your chicken tractor is so amazing.

kitsapFG said...

Awesome! That is the sweetest little kichen ever. :D I wish mine were that cheery and fun.

The Mom said...

FOM, he is amazing!

Kitsap, it is cute isn't it? I'd like to cook in it myself.