Friday, September 11, 2009

Earning their keep

The chicks are quickly becoming chickens and should be laying in another month or so. Even without eggs, they are earning their keep. Right now they are in the garden. They're happily eating all the spent veggies that are left. They are also doing a great job of cleaning up the mess of weeds I was too lazy to pull up. When we moved the tractor last night their space was as full of green as that area just outside the coop. They have, in just a few short hours, cleaned up a large amount of weeds and debris.
All of this cleaning up is great for both of us. While they eat, they get rid of weeds for me. They also till the first few inches of soil and mix in they're wonderful manure at the same time. As the beds are emptied, they will be moved around the garden. They are currently in what was once the squash and cucumber bed. The yummy things they are eating also help to increase the health of the eggs they will soon be producing. All the bugs, worms, weeds and spent veggies will be transformed into eggs that you can't buy at the supermarket. These eggs can only be achieved with the varied diet of a chicken able to eat what it was meant to eat.

I'm so amazed by these wonderful animals. I feel so blessed to be able to care for them and see that they have a good life. The eggs will be a wonderful benefit as well, but the chickens have blessed us in many other ways as well. Who else has chickens, or wants to get chickens? I really encourage you to get them if you can. They are quite easy and really fun.


Fairly Odd Mother said...

I'm going to watch how you do through the winter and then, maybe, in the spring I'll be ready. I think.

Shannon said...

I want chicks and am thinking about it for the spring. Any tips?

Michaela Dunn Leeper said...

I just realised 2 days ago that mine could be laying in as little as 2.5 weeks. The standards will be 16 weeks on the 28. The EE's will be 16 weeks on the 21, but I keep reading they tend to lay later. Tis ok, I wanted those coloured eggs!!!

Are you as excited as I am?!?!?

The Mom said...

FOM,I'm curious about the winter as well. We still need to install a light in the tractor so they'll lay all winter.

Shannon, I got the chicks from a friend who got a huge order. My neighbor made the tractor and I have to say that the tractor is the best for us. We can move it around so that they get extras that they like from the ground. It also helps kill any weeds!

Michaela, I know yours are about the same age as mine. I can't wait until they start laying. Everytime I go out there I have to check!

Matron said...

Chickens are fun to watch, and they do eat every little critter and bug for you BUT they are hooligans if they get on your flower or veg patch. Everything gets rooted up and destroyed. Keep them behind wire and they are fun to watch!

The Mom said...

Matron, I don't trust them in the garden by themselves. For now they stay in the tractor all the time and we move them to where we want them. Lots of fun!