Friday, September 18, 2009


I've been getting my list ready for fall chores.  Along the way I've had my helpers assist.

They are helping me to water the newly planted mums that I got at the Farmer's Market on Tuesday.  I got 3 different colors, pink, orange and yellow.  The little man I get them from is just adorable.  He is so proud(rightly so) of the wonderful plants he brings each week.  The prices he offers them for is also amazing.  You can't find such wonderful, healthy plants for these prices at the big box stores.

This is Toby, my faithful companion.  He is such a sweet helper, always running beside me when I have the wheelbarrow full.  Of couse his favorite thing to do is run around the chicken tractor and get the girls all riled up.  He is certainly living up to his breed.

I wish that all these adorable helpers would be able to help me with my next big project.  There are going to be 4 big new beds added to my garden for next year.  I just have to build all the beds, fill them and spread manure by the time the first snow flies.  It seems like a long time, but it sure is going to be a lot of work.  Who needs a gym membership when you have a garden?


kitsapFG said...

Goodness! That is alot of materials waiting for you to construct beds. Fall is a wonderful time to put new beds in and get them ready. Our garden expansion started out late last fall but unfortunately slipped into spring before it was completed. It made for an incredibly busy spring as a result. Hopefully someone will give you a hand to make the work lighter.

The Mom said...

I'm really hoping to get it done before spring, otherwise it will be crazy. I doubt I'll get a hand, but its a nice thought!