Monday, September 7, 2009

Making produce bags

Its the end of summer and I've been going through all the clothes. Some have been passed down, some have been donated and some are just past any redemption. Above is a picture of an old t-shirt of mine that has too many stains to wear. I've tried everything, but its a lost cause. What to do with it? I've already made hubby's shirts into napkins and we have plenty of them.

Then it dawned on me! I've been looking for fabric to make produce bags from. Being my cheap self, I didn't want to buy fabric, so this would be perfect. The shirt is very worn, so not too heavy.

I started by cutting off the top.
Then the sides were removed. The bottom was left, as that has a purpose.
Up to the dark attic to sew up the sides. What this very poor shot should be showing is to start sewing just below the bottom seam. That seam will be where we put the drawstring.
All sewn up and turned right side out. They're pretty big.
I dug through the kids craft supplies and found these pieces of yarn with the plastic ends. They're kind of like shoelaces. I'm not sure how well they'll work long term, but for now they're perfect.
String them through the seam and you're done!
Just for fun, I weighed them. Each one weighs about 2.25 ounces. Since they will each be able to hold several pounds of produce, I'm not very concerned about the added weight. Now I need to find some more fabric to make smaller bags!


kitsapFG said...

You are the master of "reuse"! Clever idea.

Karen Anne said...

Dumb question - what are these bags used for? Like, storing onions? Or when shopping at the store?

The Mom said...

Karen Anne, they're for shopping at the farmer's market and then storing the veggies. Just like those thin plastic bags you get at the grocery store.

Karen Anne said...

Oh, thanks.