Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Morgan is in Kindergarten now and is so excited to be a big girl. She loves doing anything with me, but is especially enamored of school right now. Its such a thrill for her to learn something new and get praise for it as well. What could be better?

As the kids get older, I realize how very different they are. Morgan loves to do everyday things with me. She wants to help everyone. She is also very observant. She can notice details that others miss, quite amazing. Her other strong suit is how very verbal she it. She expresses herself so well.

Noah couldn't be anymore different. He is our absent minded professor. He can do long division in his head, but can't find the socks 2 feet from him. He is the sweetest, most loving child in the world. He is very energetic, but non-violent. Trying to get information out of him is like pulling teeth.

They are so different and so wonderful in their own rights. I am so lucky to have such wonderful, healthy kids.


kitsapFG said...

They both sound delightful. My daughter is now 17 1/2 and is in her senior year of high school, does running start so she actually does not even attend the high school anymore but goes to the local community college. I remember fondly though her kindergarten years and the sweetness that comes with that period in their lives.

The Mom said...

They are delightful. Your daughter sounds like a wonderful girl from all the things you've said about her.