Thursday, May 28, 2009

Reporting and planning

Its that time of year again. Time to send off the progress report and start to plan for next year. It is so hard to sit and do schoolwork when its beautiful out and I'd rather be playing in the dirt. We'll finish up in a few weeks, but continue doing math review through the summer so we don't lose what has already been learned. You can see the Little Man here working on his grammar.

This week I have to sit and write up the progress report, ed plan for next year and letter of intent. I send them all off at once in June every year. The school dept seems to be happy with that set up.

As a part of writing up my ed plan for next year, I end up doing some basic planning. I also purchase the bulk of what will be used for the year. It is so much fun opening up all the new curriculum to see what we'll be doing. The kids have already been pawing through next year's science and wanting to get going with that. The kits for experiments look like so much fun! This picture shows our math and history for next year, along with some art supplies for the art program. I still don't have everything, because there are lots of things backordered, but enough to keep me busy for quite a while anyway.

My homeschooling group will be having a curriculum night in a few weeks. Its always so fun to see what everyone is using. I seem to always come away with a huge wishlist to add to our schooling. For now, I'll be going through the things I already have.


Fairly Odd Mother said...

Aren't you lucky to know someone who is hosting a curriculum night! ; )

Can't wait!

The Mom said...

I can't wait either! I have your CD too.

kiwigomes said...

So sad that I won't be making ciriculm night ... My highlight is waiting for L.s Rainbow resource order to come in!

June you say for all that stuff ... I shall have to pull finger me thinks!!