Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Pictures of progress

Here are a few shots to let you see what is happening around here. This first picture is of my cucumbers sprouting in my front window. The cups with nothing happening yet are the watermelons. Hopefully they'll be up soon.

This next picture is of my second round of broccoli. There are already a few in the garden, but I needed more!

Here are the tomatoes and peppers sunning themself on the back deck. There are also 2 tomatillos and an eggplant from my wonderful sister inlaw. I blame her for my addiction to gardening. She's also very much into organic and heirlooms.

This is a overview of the main garden. There are cardboard boxes in the walkways to keep down the weeds. Not much is growing in there yet, but there are a few cabbage, broccoli and onions. The peas are also up along the edge. Beets, chard, zucchini, butternut squash and baby blue hubbards are in but not up yet.

This is the cold frame I talked about that is now a lettuce bed. If you look closely you may be able to see a few baby sprouts just starting to poke their little heads yet.
Here is a photo of the pile of sod that will be a new bed. I'm still so thrilled with how well it broke down. This year it will be an overflow bed, next year it will become a permanent bed for garlic and onions.
Lastly this is a picture of my peach tree. Behind it you will see a cherry tree and one of my 2 apple trees. I'm planning at least 6 more trees this year. Right after this was taken, I pulled most of the blossoms off. That might seem mean, but I really want the tree to put its energy into getting big, healthy and strong. If it is working on fruit, it may get week and die. Believe me there were so many tiny peaches on there, the poor thing would have bent to the ground from the weight.


lvlc said...

Love your seedlings plants!!!! Mine died a week ago but I started new ones... let's see if they make it! I would love to have a tomatillo plant. I wonder where I could get seeds!

The Mom said...

Thanks, last year I had problems with damping off and lost lots of seedlings. This year I was giving them away! I believe my sister in law got the tomatillo seeds at Baker Creek seeds.

Fairly Odd Mother said...

I'm so impressed with your garden! My dad had a garden when I was growing up and it got a wee bit bigger every year----I get the itch to start one but my yard is so full of trees everywhere that I'm not sure it'd make a for a good garden. I do container gardening for now but haven't gotten the hang of growing from seed.

The Mom said...

My garden started out as a 4x4 square one year and has progressed from there. It is absolutely amazing what you can grow in containers as well. You just have to be careful, its addicting!