Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Potatoes revisited and the neverending mulch

I've had potato issues for the past few years. I've tried growing them in barrels using grocery store potatoes and seed potatoes. Never with any luck. Last year I thought I'd try them in my main garden with seed potatoes. The Little Man is a huge potato freak, so he was thrilled. They looked great all summer and we were excited to dig them up. So we started digging and found a handful of tiny little potatoes. We got discouraged and stopped digging after a while. This year I had all my beds planned out and all of a sudden, there were these big leafy green things coming up. You can see them in the above photo. They are all in the spots where I had planted potatoes last year. Apparently they survived the winter and decided that this was their year. I'm leaving them alone and we'll see what we get. I'll probably end up with my biggest potato harvest.

Aren't cabbages pretty?! This one is getting big and starting to head.

Next to it is some broccoli doing the same. They're so pretty, I'm going to have to try some purple varieties next year.
Do you remember the picture of a box of dirt? Well here it is full of yummy lettuce that is destined for supper next week.

Now for the mulch. I got a little carried away. I'm sure you're shocked at that. You see, while I was knocking out my basement this Spring, I decided I needed 4.5 yards of mulch. Keep in mind I have a smallish surburban yard. Somehow I figured I would be able to use this massive amount of mulch. I also figured I'd be able to get it spread in between finishing the basement, educating my kids, planting my garden, planting more fruit trees and breathing. I figured wrong. Not only was there way too much, it sat so long that it is now a part of my lawn. It ended up everywhere including the pathway for my garden. Note to self : fill the truck with small amounts of mulch as needed and if you have it delivered, put a tarp under it!!

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