Friday, May 15, 2009

Forced Cleaning

I hate to clean. I really do. This is not to say that my house is a pigsty at all times. Its certainly sanitary. However, it is almost never spotless. The areas that need to be clean are, the rest is a crap shoot. There are lots of piles in my house with various things I'm too lazy to put away, or things the rest of my family is too lazy to put away.

So, imagine my distress when while cooking for a potluck last night, I discovered that my oven was dead. After some last minute re-thinking, I got the dish made and off I went. This morning I had to wake up to reality. I knew it was the bottom heating element and when I looked in it was confirmed. The darn thing was in 3 pieces. How dare it break on me! Just because I use it and abuse it, does not mean it can just up and die. I spent a few hours longingly thinking of the very expensive oven that I would love to replace it with. Then I had to enter the world of reality. My reality is that we just don't have that kind of money to be throwing around. Thankfully a friend had a great referral and I'll have a fixed oven tomorrow afternoon for a pittance.

After the relief of it getting fixed, I realized the mess behind the stove. Now, I don't know about you, but I am not a Flybaby. My stove and refrigerator were last moved when we put in the new floor... 3 years ago. It was pretty gross back there. Now its all pretty and clean and it can proceed to get filthy again from here until the next appliance disaster. I have no intention of moving them again, until forced to do so.

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Fairly Odd Mother said...

The only time I clean under the stove is when my kids get a toy stuck under there! LOL

I remember when we had to replace our dishwasher, the appliance guy removed the old one and dug out all this stuff that must've slipped behind the backsplash when the previous owners lived here. One thing he found was a very angry card from a relative to the previous owner---it made me think that I may want to think about cleaning underneath these appliances before we move someday to avoid airing my dirty laundry!