Friday, May 22, 2009

Passing on the addiction

I've been a bad girl. I went and got all my friends and neighbors addicted to gardening. There is the one neighbor who always had a small veggie garden with starts from the local nursery. Her garden is now 3 times the size, has many new veggies and much of them are from seed.

Then there is the neighbor on the other side who never had a veggie garden. He got a bad case of tomato envy, apparently I wasn't giving him enough to satisfy the craving. I've found fresh, garden tomatoes are like crack, once you have them you can't stop. He now has a veggie garden of his own and I'm sensing some expansion happpening there as well.

I even got one poor friend ripping out perrenial flower beds for veggies! Her hubby wasn't too thrilled at first, but now he wants to expand as well. Muahahaha!!!

Its all part of my evil plot to take over the world and get everyone eating the 100 foot diet. Hold onto your hats folks, I'll get you too!


Kittikity said...

Nothing wrong at all with helping people learn how to provide their own.. It's the whole "give a man a fish" concept.. Teach him how to fish and he'll eat for a lifetime.. Keep it going!

Fairly Odd Mother said...

LOL, yes, you are making me itchy to start a garden. But, it's the whole "I have no idea how to start" part that gets me every time.

Farmer's Daughter said...

The only thing my neighbors grow is pot. Seriously, they got arrested for "operating a drug factory." Their mom bailed them out, and now they're home awaiting trial. Would it be rude to go over and ask for their grow lights? :)

The Mom said...

Christina, you already started with the pots. You'll have lots of yummy things with those.

Farmer's Daughter, I'd be so tempted to go ask for those lights. It seems like I never have enough!