Monday, September 27, 2010

Harvest Monday Sept 27th 2010

It's all about the potatoes this week. 

First we dug the rest of the All Blues and the Yukon Golds.

A few russets for dinner.

All of the Kennebecs.  We now have over 100 lbs of potatoes and I still have to dig the russet bed.  It looks like a ridiculous amount, but I keep reminding myself that these will be our potatoes for the year.  I'm hoping that I'll have some to plant in the Spring.  It will be interesting to see how much we truly use for the year.

Another butternut, some broccoli side shoots and more tomatoes.

I really can't believe how many tomatoes and peppers I got this year.  They just keep coming with no frost in the forecast yet. 

Head on over to Daphne's Dandelions to see what else is being harvested this week.


Lorie said...

Looking good. Know you will enjoy those potatoes. I just love them! Must be the Irish in me.

Mary said...

The potatoes look wondeful! I was reading in a blog last week that tomatoes can be frozen whole, no need to cook, peel, chop. When they thaw, they lose their skins.


tempusflits said...

What an incredible potato harvest. I'm a container gardener and have heard potatoes can be grown well in, would you believe, cardboard boxes. I'm going to give that a go next year. I like challenges.

I'm envious when I think of all that potato soup you can enjoy this winter.

The Mom said...

Lorie, we've been loving them. This morning we had homefries. Yummy!

Mary, I've frozen them in the past. They certainly are easy.

Tempusflits, welcome and thanks. I have heard of growing potatoes in a box. It would be neat to see how they do.

Karen Anne said...

How to you store those potatoes?

Funkbunny said...

Those spuds look good. I've been digging them too, but not in my own garden (I;m visiting my parents in the UK). I'll have to wait months for my own crop!

The Mom said...

Karen Anne, they're in boxes in the basement. Usually it's pretty cold down there, so they should do ok for a while.

Funkbunny, enjoy your spuds!

villager said...

That is a lot of taters! And other veggies as well. Hopefully you will be able to keep back some of the potatoes for next year.

Robin said...

Wow....that certainly is a lot of potatoes!! The voles got most of mine this year. That's OK, we really don't eat a lot of potatoes here.

How do you store your potatoes?

Karen Anne said...

No basement, sigh. I have been thinking of some storage upstairs once I get finished working on the upstairs, but it probably gets too hot in summer.

Daphne said...

That is a lot of potatoes. I'd have trouble finishing them in our family, but then we don't eat a lot of potatoes. I'm sure my hubby would if I made french fries out of them though.

The Mom said...

Villager, I am hoping not to have to buy any seed next year.

Robin, they're stored in the basement in boxes.

Karen Anne, if you have a cool room that would work as well.

Daphne, we're big potato eaters here. I'm not sure exactly how much we eat in a year though.

Angela said...

100 lbs of potatoes does look like a lot, but how many do you need for a full year? I hope you do have enough, they look great in any c ase.

Karen Anne said...

No cool room. Small footprint house, but I still am trying to figure out a way to store produce.