Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fall garden update

The fall garden is really starting to come into it's own.  The broccoli has finally started to make a head.  I was wondering if it would ever behave.  The heat this summer is messing with things.  I'm hoping that the heat we're having this week won't stop the broccoli progress. 

The pac choy is doing extremely well and really needs to be harvested.  In the background is some chard sizing up nicely.  I think I'll plant some more of the pac choy this week.  It grows very quickly and is very yummy as well.

This is some more broccoli that the bugs have been enoying along with some red cabbage.  This bed also contains some carrots that seem to be doing well.  I'm hoping that they'll put on some good growth in the next few weeks.

In the second bed, the beets are also doing very well.  We are big fans of roasted beets in the cooler weather.  These won't over winter well, so we'll eat what we can and harvest the rest for storage in a few weeks.

Also in the second bed are my second crop of cabbages and broccoli.  Some of the cabbage was harvested last week, the rest needs another week or two. 

This is my first year doing a real fall/winter garden, so I'm still figuring out what works and when they need to be planted.  The spinach I sowed a few weeks ago didn't do anything because of the heat, so I'll re plant that.  I'm thinking of starting the mache as well.  We're really looking forward to eating fresh from the garden this year.  It seems odd to think about harvesting in the snow.  I know it's possible though!


kitsapFG said...

Great foundation started for some good fall and winter harvesting. I need to spray my fall broccoli crop with Bt this weekend. They are comining along beuatifully but I noticed some holey leaves the other day and want to stop the worms in their tracks before the heads form on the plant.

Kimmi said...

I'm going to retry broccoli this fall, I think... It was kind of a disaster last time.

The Mom said...

Laura, I'll spray them this weekend. We're about to get Hurricane Earl, so it would be pointless now.

Kimmi, broccoli is iffy for me. We love to eat it, so I keep trying.