Sunday, September 26, 2010

Gardening with the kiddoes

Today has been gorgeous.  True fall weather after some pretty significant heat.  What better day to dig potatoes?  I have already dug the bed with the All Blues and Yukon Golds.  Today was the day for the Kennebecs. 

It started out with just me digging.  Then the kids realized that they got to play in the dirt.  It became a contest to see who could get the bigger potato.  Some were huge, with a few at the bottom over a pound each.  I ended up with about 50 lbs from the 5 lbs that I started with.  Those potatoes sure seemed to like the chicken manure they got.  I still have to dig the Rio Grande russets, but they'll have to wait a bit.  We're due to get rain this week and I just don't think I can dig anymore today.

When the kids got tired of digging, they started searching for worms, grubs and bugs.  It became a game of naming them and then feeding them to the chickens.  The chickens were very appreciative.  They got moved into the garden a few days ago and have been happily weeding, turning the soil and fertilizing for me. 

After the potatoes were dug we moved on to the tomatoes.   J's son N started eating them like an apple.  When we got to the peppers, they were all excited.  D, from up the street said, "I love jalapenos" and proceeded to eat one right in the garden.  N, Morgan and Noah decided that sounded like a great idea and did the same.  Many glasses of milk later, they decided that it was probably not the best idea.

They were all thoroughly exhausted and napping on the patio.    I think I may go do the same thing.  Enjoy this wonderful weather!

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farmwifetwo said...

Brrrrr.... too cold for shorts :)

It's clouded in again :( But it was lovely and sunny earlier and I pulled some more out of the weed patch - did some pruning of bushes and pulling this week but not nearly enough. I did get 4 more L of tomatoes in though. If it doesn't freeze anytime soon should get more this week. I need to get back into the potato section and clean it out. I also need to go and pick the rest of my pears - made chutney with the first ones - and buy some apples - frost destroyed the blossoms so none there this year - and make sauce etc.

Spent most of the week catching up on all the other "to do's" since my holiday... been home over a week already... time flies... have a few more things on Mon - farm paperwork :( - and then garden is at the top of the list.