Monday, November 30, 2009

One more weekend outside

We've been having an unusually mild fall so far this year.  Its really amazing considering last year we had already had several snow storms and below average temperatures.  This year I still have unprotected veggies growing.  Imagine what would be growing had I built hoop houses? 

The thing is that with the nice weather, I haven't had that sense of urgency to finish up all the fall tasks.  There were a few little things that still needed my attention.  Since our forecast is finally showing some winter on the way, I got out and got a few things done.

The compost bins were married together to finish off for Spring.  They were already doing quite well, but I had added quite a bit of green matter over the last few weeks.  This way the pile can heat up again and hopefully finish off for next year's garden.  That also leaves me an empty bin to fill up over the winter months.  I continue to compost over the winter because my bins are right out the back door and over the side of the deck.  They are looking a little rough, so next year I'll be looking to rebuild them.  I'm also realizing that I won't have nearly as much matter for the bins this winter, since we now have the chickens eating lots of bits and pieces.  However, I'll have some wonderfully composted chicken poo for the garden next year as well.

I also finally got around to weeding the edge of the garden.  This will allow me to plant my peas as early as possible.  Last year they didn't get planted until May and my crop was pitiful as a result.  We love sugar snap peas, so this was very necessary. 

Lastly the half made bed got the tarp layed over it.  This was originally where I had put the sod from the garden expansion 2 years ago.  It had composted down wonderfully and was used as an overflow bed this summer.  It also still has way too many weeds and seeds in it that need to die back.  The tarp will help to heat things up and kill of a lot of the seeds and allow me to finish off the bed early next spring.  Its final destination will be as an allium bed for all my onions and garlic.  I'll be adding lots of compost and sand to make it a light, well fed bed.  An online gardener friend tells me that I can keep it as a permanent bed for them.  As long as it is kept well fed with compost, it should be fine. 

There are so many plans I have in my head for next year's garden, I just can't wait. 

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kitsapFG said...

It's always kind of nice to get one last bit of outdoor work in before winter really settles in for good. Especially when the work is preparing the garden so that it will not only get through the winter - but be ready extra early in the spring for a fast start on the growing season!