Sunday, November 15, 2009


This morning the chickens were making a lot of noise.  I didn't want to get too excited and decided I would go out in a little while to see if they had done anything.  A half hour later, I got a knock at my front door.  There stood J and his whole family with this beautiful egg.  They decided that they wanted to see my face and wanted me to have the first one.  I've done the lions share of the day to day care for them, so they felt that was fitting.  The girls are still making lots of noise, so hopefully we'll have some more soon.

I feel like its Christmas, I'm so excited.  The kids were so thrilled, they both wanted to have their hands photographed with the egg.  So above we have Noah and below is Morgan.

The egg is about 1/2 the size they will be in a few months.  Its so neat!  I just can't stand it!


Michaela Dunn Leeper said...

SQUEEEE!!!!!! Congratulations!!!

kitsapFG said...

The girls are in production mode now! WooHooo! That's a decent sized egg for the first one. Often then are really really tiny.

Green Bean said...

Oh that's so exciting!! Congratulations. :)

The Mom said...

Thanks ladies! I'm so excited!

Karen Sue said...

Yipee!! that is Egg-citing news! Before long, we'll be seeing all kinds of posting about your cooking with your own eggs!! Time to shell-ebrate!

The Mom said...

Karen Sue, I can't wait to have an over abundance of eggs. It will be a bit though.

Karen Sue said...

Ok..the things after reading are:
1)What pumpkins are you planting and how small of a space can you allow pumpkins and still have success?
2)Someone told me to fry Zucchini is egg and flour like I normally do, then put them on a cookie sheet and pop them in the freezer to set them up..then just bag them in bulk and take them out and pop them in the oven to heat them and eat them. Have you ever tried something like this??
3) do you gie out your Pasta Fagioli Recipe? What about black bean & corn salsa? If they were given, sorry...
I was going to ask for the market bag instruction, but you gave that..thanks! Did you think it was worth the effort to have an open bag like that? I mostly use the reusable ones that look like shopping bags ...when I remember... but have made produce bags from nylon netting and letover ribbon, although if I could crochet a string, that would probably work as well, or better.
Glad to meet you!

The Mom said...

Karen Sue,

1. I plant sugar pumpkins. They are the smallish pumpkins specially for baking. They vine all over the place, but if you can get them to vine up something, you wouldn't need much space.

2. There shouldn't be a problem with the zuccini like that.

3. I would be happy to give out the Paste e Fagioli recipe. I actually need to make a batch so watch for a post on it. The black bean and corn salsa was a bust, so I won't post that one.

The bag is neat for more than just going to the store. I find it holds all kinds of things, including my knitting.