Sunday, June 14, 2009

Rain and laziness

It has rained on and off for the last several weeks. We've had the occasional peek of sunshine, like yesterday, but then its back to the dreariness. My garden is happily growing, but longing for the sun as well.

All this rain is making me lazy though. I can't do much in the garden, can't mow the lawn, can't hang the clothes on the line. Yes, I could clean the house, but that would just be silly! Instead I'm spending far too much time on the computer. It's sad really. Somehow, I just seem to get more done when I'm busy. A body in motion is likely to stay in motion, or something like that. A friend always says, 'If you want something done, ask a busy woman'.

One thing I've been doing in my endless online adventures, is look more closely into water barrel systems. With enough of a set up, I really wouldn't ever need to turn on the tap. We've certainly gotten enough water in the past few weeks to keep my garden going all summer. The problem is aesthetics. My neighbors already think I'm nuts, but having 5 or 6 bright blue water barrels sitting under my downspouts might push them over the edge. I've been gentle about adding all of my oddities. Shoot, I still haven't put the chicks out in their tractor yet. All things in time. Plus, I might put hubby over the edge as well.

So, here I sit in the blogoshpere doing very little. Yesterday was beautiful, but hubby and I were shooting a wedding. The bride might have gotten a little upset if I decided to stay home hanging laundry and weeding. While I wait for the sun I think I'll go research low flow drip irrigation systems. Afterall, what good is a rainbarrel without a way to get the water to the garden.


kitsapFG said...

Rainbarrels are definitely very useful - but rather than go with bright blue (which stand out tremendously) you might consider painting them or purchasing a ready made one that is in more natural colors that will blend in to the building or landscape they are adjacent to. I have never painted a blue barrel - but I know other people have done it. I purchased mine and they are dark green and positioned behind the shop where they are out of sight. We use ours all the time for the container watering and the to water seedling beds. We do not have a large enough configuration to do much more than that (at least during the dry season when I run them out regularly).

Jason said...

I would recommend going to and requesting one of their paper catalogs. They carry an assortment of drip irrigation supplies and page 12 of the catalog is dedicated to low pressure systems. Bunch of information their to eliminate all the research work. You can even contact their design center and they will design the system for you for free. Hope this helps, happy gardening!