Monday, June 8, 2009

Garden Update

Here is my weekly tour of the garden. Everything is really starting to get big. Here is some of my zucchini. I have a problem every year with squash vine borers and haven't found a good way to combat them. My solution has been to stagger my plantings. These were planted on May 1st. I have another set planted on June 1st and the last set will be planted on July 1st. That way I have a steady supply of squash and if they get attacked by the evil borers, I have more coming.
These are my cucumbers. Normally I direct seed these, but this year I started them inside to give them a bit of a head start. So far so good. There are 18 plants this year. That should satisfy my cucumber and pickle fiends.

Here is one of my tomato plants. They are really starting to get big and if you look closely you can see flowers forming.
Lastly are the peaches. I had to thin them a lot this year, or the tree would have been overloaded. I think I have a good balance for the size of the tree this year.


kitsapFG said...

Things are progressing well in your garden! Not a sure fire solution but seems to help with squash bugs and borer deterence - 2 TBS of Dr. Bronners liquid peppermint soap in a quart of water - spray on the plant. (good for aphid control too) The peppermint smell apparently is what does the trick. Using it proactively before you have an actual squash borer problem seems to be the key.

The Mom said...

Thanks so much! I'll try that when the rain stops.