Friday, April 25, 2008

What to do next?

Well here I sit trying to decide what to do next. I turned over the garden and fertilized it with organic fertilizer and compost. It just doesn't seem to be quite good enough though. There is a place not too far away that is selling composted cow manure for $3 a bag. I think 10 bags ought to do it. Then I can turn it all 1 more time and wait patiently for planting time.

We went to Lori and Al's this week hoping to get the blueberry bushes. That was until we realized that they were 20 years old and very difficult to get out of the ground. We nearly broke my shovel trying. Fortunately there was a sale at the garden center down the street and we were able to get 4 really nice bushes for the yard. We also looked at fruit trees and drooled over the varieties available. I would like to cut down 2 nearly dead trees in the back and plant some trees down there. We should be able to get 2 apples and maybe a self pollinating peach down there. It will be a few years until we get a real harvest, but that's ok. At least they'll be there.

Little Man was going to try his first sleepover at Auntie's house. I was feeling quite apprehensive, but allowed it. I headed off to my parent meeting to chat with all my friends. At about 9 I got a call saying he was throwing up. I ran home and beat them here by a few minutes surprisingly. We were up until 3:30 with him very sick. He seemed better to a small degree yesterday, but still not really eating. Daddy let him sleep with me and we slept quite well last night. This morning he woke up looking pretty grey and feeling weak. I got him some water to drink and he and Daddy are sleeping away up there still. The poor kid is sicker than I remember him being before. I'm just hoping to keep him hydrated enough to avoid the trip to the ER for fluids.

Pooh Bear and I have been cleaning and working in the garden. Hopefully we'll get the blueberries in the ground and get the cow manure turned in today. She would also like to make some brownies as well. She loves to be able to stir everything together and then put the sprinkles on top. She is such a great little helper.

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