Friday, April 11, 2008

Before the Rain

I realized today that the area of the garden that is not yet prepped is really not an issue right now. The things that needed to be planted were not going over there, so it could wait until the nice weather next week.

So... Noah and I flew through school and headed outside. I was determined to get the cold weather stuff in the ground before the rain started. We went out and turned over the row closest to the front part of the fence and raked it flat. Noah helped me plant the peas along the fence. We used about 150 seeds! I can't wait for all those yummy peas to be up. They are one of our favorite veggies.

In the original section of the garden I planted spinach and swiss chard as well. Noah is all excited to try them. I'm excited that he's excited! He's really embracing the garden this year. He's been helping me to loosen the soil and plant the veggies. He actually thinks its fun, which is the whole point of all this.

Now I can relax a bit and after the rain, I'll finish prepping the rest of the garden. There won't be anymore planting for the next 3 weeks or so anyway, so plenty of time. I hope that by then we'll be seeing the peas, spinach and chard poking their heads up.

One last thing. So far the cold frame is working beautifully. The seedlings have been out there for 2 full days already and are doing really well. It was really sunny on Wed and Thurs, so I threw a sheet over them for part of day so they wouldn't get burnt. Today it is cool and cloudy, so they are fine as is. It is supposed to be cool and rainy the next 4-5 days, so we'll see.

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