Thursday, April 10, 2008

Making Progress

It has been beautiful the last few days. The weather has actually been springlike. This will of course change tomorrow and be cold for the next week, but its nice while it lasts. I've been outside working on the garden as usual. the fence is 3/4 of the way in and the garden is almost ready for planting. I still have about 25 sq ft of sod to remove. The rest of the garden will be turned as it is planted for the most part. I had wanted to finish this week and get the peas in, but I have run out of time.

I finally got the guts to put the broccoli et al in the cold frame and so far so good. Yesterday was the first day and for much of the day I had a sheet over them so that they wouldn't get sunburnt. The same will happen today. I'm a little worried about the next several days because it will be rather chilly. The plus is that they will get more used to being outside without too much sun. It will also not freeze as far as I can tell. This is all a learning curve for me, so we'll see what happens. I just hope not to lose all my babies.

The tomatoes et all in the basement seem to be doing quite well and are growing normally. I think that they'll be about perfect sized in 5-6 weeks. I just wish I could get it a little warmer in the basement. If I had a space upstairs, I'd bring them up.

Today we're going to Myrna's house to pick up some stuff. She is having chest pains, she says and doesn't want to seek treatment. She doesn't want Lori and Stacey to get some stuff, so we have to come and get it before she dies. It all seems rather dramatic, in typical Myrna fashion. The catch is that even though we don't want this stuff and have no place to put it, she doesn't want us to sell it until she dies. We'll see about that. Rich is working an overtime shift tonight and his regular shift tomorrow, so hopefully I'll get some stuff done indoors.

Saturday will be a busy day as well. I'm going to the LDS cannery to stock up on things with Lauren in the morning. I'm really looking forward to it, I can't wait to see what is there and how much I can get. We can't can anything up yet, because they are too busy, but we'll get stocked up in the meantime. After that we have Nick's 5th birthday next door. Then we have to run to a photo shoot. Then it's off to Mom's for a dinner with the family. She says she told me that Heidi would be down, but I don't remember any such thing. At least I don't have to cook that night.

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