Saturday, March 17, 2012

Long to do list

It's been a crazy week here.  I spent all day on Wednesday at the hospital with Hubby (all is well, this was a positive thing).  While I waited, I read gardening books and made lists.  We are predicted to have some more gorgeous weather this week, so my to do list has gotten rather long.  I thought I'd post it for you as much for myself as it may possibly remind you what needs to get done in your own world.  I'll try to check back later in the week to see what has gotten done.

-Talk to Glenn about leaves in the fall.  ( a friend who is a landscaper)
-Turn compost and harvest what is there for the strawberry bed.
-clean and sharpen tools
-get new sharpener tool
-clean out shed
-get barrel for straw
-clean out chicken coop and add to compost
-pull out remainder of fence
-cut back and burn invasive blackberries
-clean up fallen branches behind coop from hurricane
-plant sunflowers and borage
-create garden bed by coop
-harvest Jerusalem artichokes
-write a post for edible on above
-plant more beets, carrots and second round of brassicas
-pot up peppers and brassicas in basement
-start hardening off brassicas for planting in hoops
-get hardware for 2 more hoops
-make list for fall seed list
-make more seed tapes
-fix front flower bed
-mulch everything
-extend bed by mailbox
-get loam from Glenn
-build 2 more beds and 1 with uprights for grapes
-order grapes and asparagus for next year
-plant 2 more fruit trees in back corner
-cut t shirt strips for tomato supports.
-weed and turn remainder of beds

It's a lot and much of it will have to wait for a bit.   What are you doing in the garden and yard this week?


farmwifetwo said...


I was excited I got the year end farm stuff done ahead of time and thought I'd get the indoor spring cleaning done early and then spring showed up too soon. We did get a good syrup run this year.

Supposedly 6mths from the first thunderstorm of the year it will be the first frost date - late Aug - we'll see. We aren't going to plant the farm early, just one night of frost can do a lot of damage.

kitsapFG said...

I have a long to do list as well but the weather has not been so accomodating in our region. Soaking rains and it is pretty chill. Regardless, I have managed to get quite a bit done in between systems and plan to do more today (if possible). We have a big tree removal project about to get underway on Monday - so not much else will likely get done this coming week other than that project.

The Mom said...

Farmwife, I'm sorry, I won't mention it again! ;) Everything planted early has protection, so I'm not terribly worried. So far the spring is turning out just as mild as the winter.

Laura, I hope the rains stop soon. Is the tree removal for an extension of the garden?

farmwifetwo said...

Mine won't be protected and my garden is still soggy and cold. It's late to warm up but quick to grow once it does.

I see it's suppose to cool down by the first of next week. So far 9C/0C so I'm going to stick with the spring cleaning inside a little longer before I head outside. Then I have to get started on potatoes/onions etc. Still have a few days before Easter.... but it too is coming quickly.

Karen Sue said...

I've been busy in my life with work and a kitchen redo and seeds didn't get started this year. Sad about it until my friend who has experimented a ton with seed starting this year will have lots of extra. It's good to have friends like this! Your list makes me tired, but my other lists are like that, so you make hay while the sun shines!!

The Mom said...

farmwifetwo, I know you're just as busy indoors. It won't be long until you're out in the garden.

Karen Sue, it's nice to have prepared friends!