Monday, August 9, 2010

Harvest Monday Aug 9,2010

This post is part of Daphne's Dandelions' series for Harvest Monday.  Click on over and check out what everyone is harvesting this week.

We're really into the heat of summer here.  Some things are starting to give up and others are just coming into their own.

These are the first of the Yukon Golds.  I'm only harvesting as I need them.  There are tons of potatoes (hopefully!)  still awaiting harvest, but the longer I keep them in the ground, the longer they'll keep in the house.  Most will probably stay there until October or so.  In the meantime, we'll continue to eat fresh potatoes every so often.

A typical harvest for this time of year.  The cucumbers are not looking terribly healthy these days.  I should get a few more from them though. 

Hubby had a hankering for swiss chard in his eggs the other day.  It is holding up remarkably well despite the heat.  This is actually a volunteer that showed up in the bean patch this year.  The beets need to be frozen.  They are such a winter veggie in my mind.  Can you see my sourdough starter in the background?  I'm very proud that I started that little guy myself.  It's happily bubbling away.  When it gets a bit stronger, I'll post more about it.

These poor green tomatoes are casualties of war.  I was desperately trying to tie up my overgrown vines and lost a few tomatoes along the way.  They'll ripen up nicely inside and be gobbled up just the same.  The green beans are looking to make a comeback with lots of new fruit forming these days.  I'm glad I didn't pull them up yet.


kitsapFG said...

I do the same thing with potatoes - harvesting what I need through the summer but waiting until fall to do the big "lift" and storage process. Usually do it in September though as it get's too rainy and wet here in October and I need them to dry out for a few hours before storing away for the winter.

Nice harvestst this week - and the soudough starter will be fun to work with in the future.

Martha said...

Your potatoes look so good. Next year I'm going to grow some of those. Have fun with your bread. There's nothing better than sourdough -- especially with home-grown produce.

Thomas said...

Great looking harvest! I've been wanting to start my own sourdough starter but have been procrastinating. Maybe the motivatrion will come when the weather turns coolers.

Do know how long potaotes will keep in the ground for? I'd like to use what we have now and dig these up sometime this fall.

The Mom said...

Laura, that's my plan with the potatoes. We're going away mid September, so it will be shortly after that. I can't wait to work more with the starter.

Martha, I have 4 varieties planted. They're amazing!

Thomas, thanks. I found an online e course for the sourdough. Right now it's just getting fed, this fall I'll use it far more.

I'm told the potatoes will keep in the ground until frost. Apparently the longer they stay there, the better they keep. Also the shorter the time to find someplace to store them. Laura can probably tell you more.

Robin said...

Nice harvest. I can't believe that our swiss chard held up through this hot weather.

I have been going to start some yeast for a week now. I better get to it!

thyme2garden said...

Do the potatoes keep well in the ground without getting bigger, or do they keep getting bigger the longer they stay under ground? I hope you get a few more cucumbers, too. My cucumber plants are getting pretty ratty at the bottom (growing up a trellis), but the new growth at the top still looks green and healthy, so I'm hoping to keep getting more cucumbers for the next month.

Dirt Lover said...

Nice harvest. Your potatoes are very nice looking. My sister is sitting next to me, and she says she LOVES Yukon Gold potatoes. They're the best for mashed potatoes! I had a sourdough starter years ago, and this might be a great time to re-start one. Thanks for the reminder.

The Mom said...

Robin, the swiss chard is amazing. Start that yeast while we still have some warmth!

Thyme, I think once the greenery goes dead, they've stopped growing in the ground. Some of my cucumber vines look ok, but most are looking pretty tired.

Lori,I love yukon golds too. What a fabulous all purpose potato.

Daphne said...

Beautiful harvest. I envy your fresh eggs. I occasionally get some from a friend of my townhouse mates who keeps a nice flock of chickens, but only occasionally. I wish I had a good source of them.

The Mom said...

Daphne, it's too bad you don't live closer. When I don't have enough eggs, I have a friend close by who sells hers and always has plenty