Monday, March 8, 2010

Seedling update

Things are getting a little crazy in here.  I went and got the plastic for my hoops, but was unable to get the right PVC piping to get them up today.  Hopefully, tomorrow, I'll be able to take Hubby's truck and get everything warming up. 

The lettuce is huge, as you can see.  The onions are ok, but I think I've lost a few.  I've never had good luck with onions.  They start out well and then I end up with them damping off, despite doing as much as possible to prevent it.  I can't plant them for a while yet, so I'll have to continue to baby them inside.

These are the brassicas and a few flowers in the background.  The plan is to erect the hoops and warm the soil, then plant them out in about 3 weeks.  We'll see how that goes.  The weather has warmed nicely and doesn't look like it will be cooling down too much in the foreseeable future.  Even the weatherman said that he thought that the worst was over.  Since we haven't had much in the way of spring here in New England for the past few years, it would be very welcome.  Yes, Kiwi, we do have spring every once in a while. 

I had a picture of my peppers, but they seem to have disappeared.  They are coming up slowly, as is expected.  The first came up within a week, but the rest are popping up here and there.  They are certainly doing better upstairs than they have in the basement. 

The chickens wanted to say hello again as well.  How are your seedlings doing these days?  Have you started anything yet?


Kristina said...

I've started 4 tomato varieties, 2 lettuces, 2 swiss chards, 2 onions, 3 basils, green peppers, a whole lotta herbs... for a total of 144 starters (so far!)! It makes me so happy to see them all under our lights!

The Mom said...

Kristina, that sounds wonderful! It is so great to see those little babies getting big.

Daphne said...

It looks like your seedlings are doing well. Your lettuce is just huge. I think it wants to be outside already.

The Mom said...

Daphne, I know it wants to be outside, I just can't get it there quite yet.

kitsapFG said...

My stack of seedlings in various stages is too numerous to list. Suffice it to say ... I am in the thick of the seed starting season. It's going well this year (so far) no major plant disasters or germination failures.

Your seedlings are definitely going to be happy for you to get those beds warmed up soon! Many are ready to go into the ground (with protection) now. :D

The Mom said...

Kitsap, you do have lots of seedlings happening. Mine will be outside very soon.