Tuesday, March 16, 2010

After the rain

We have had several days of rain in the northeast.  Flooding is everywhere, people being evacuated, basements ruined and cars stuck in water.  It was made worse by the fact that the ground was still partially frozen and didn't absorb the 8-10 inches of rain that we got as well. 

Luckily, I didn't get water in my basement.  We live on a hill and have never gotten anything but some drops of water by the bulkhead in the basement.  My backyard has an area that dips down.  It's great for sledding, but not so much for all this rain.

This is also where my blueberries live.  They have been sitting in several inches of water for a few days now.  We'll have to wait and see if they make it through.  I knew we got lots of water down there, but it has only flooded once before.  It's certainly my own fault if I lose the bushes.

You may also be able to see all the trash that collects here over the winter.  My yard seems to be the area that the wind deposits any trash that is flying around.  Every spring I have to clean it up again. 

The nice thing is that we're supposed to have temps in the 60s and possibly make a run for the 70s this week, with lots of sun.  All of my overgrown lettuces and cole crops will be hardened off and planted later this week.  That will free up space to start my tomatoes.


Lise said...

Crossing my fingers for your blueberries!

The Mom said...

Thanks Lise, the water is receding pretty quickly now. I won't know how they are for a few weeks probably. How did you guys do with the rain?

kitsapFG said...

I hope the blueberries pull through in good shape for you. That is a tough weather event - followed by what sounds like almost summer like conditions! What extremes the weather has been providing. We just had a major wind event today - took power out all over the region and we had two big trees down across our road. Luckily someone had already chainsawed the trees by the time I came home and the road was opened up. We had branches down all over the property though. Had to walk the garden and remove the branches from beds and structures. Luckily no damage to the hoop covers or the greenhouse. Kind of a miracle really.

Good news that you will be able to transplant out the oversized seedlings soon!

Thomas said...

Uggg...we're just starting to recover from the rains ourselves. For some reason, I thought I read somewhere that blueberries were like cranberries in that they can live just fine in boggier conditions. Hopefully our recent torrential rains won't be an indicator for the rest of the spring.

The Mom said...

Laura, you are so lucky that nothing hit your structures. The wind has been awful here as well.

Thomas, I planted the blueberries back there for exactly that reason. I just didn't quite expect this much wetness.