Friday, March 21, 2008

Getting things done

It's been a productive morning so far. School with Noah went quite well today. He finished his 1st grade grammar book that he loves and we'll be starting grade 2 on Monday.

Then it was off to the basement. I had to clean off the work bench that Rich had been using since we bought the house 5 years ago. It was a mess and I know he has no idea what is truly there. Everything just went into boxes for now and moved to another section. I needed his workbench for the plants. He had the only area with a bench and electricity. I set up the second grow light and made sure it worked. The plants started the other day haven't started sprouting yet, but seem to be doing ok otherwise. I compacted all the boxes and paraphernalia and put them in the recycling pile. We bought a new set of shelves to go in there when Rich has a chance to help me.

After that Morgan helped me repackage the whole wheat flour, cornmeal and oatmeal that I had gotten in bulk. It made things much neater and safer from bugs etc. Everything got labeled and dated and neatly stored. I'm planning to go to the LDS cannery with Lauren next week, so I need space to put my new stuff. There is so much in the basement and as long as it stays neat and organized, its fine. Unfortunately it has been a big mess lately, so I needed to fix that. I made lots of headway today. The rest will get done when Rich can come and help me.

The next project was more plant starts.

I planted

broccoli 24
cabbage 6
lettuce 12
hostas 6
echinacea 6

These and all things planted will be split with my mom and any extras will go to friends. I'm trying to encourage any and everyone to start a garden this year. Even if they only put in a tomato plant or some herbs, its a start. I feel very strongly that we need to be more active in our food production. Its all well and good to guy local, even better to grow whatever you can for yourself. Food not lawns!

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