Saturday, March 15, 2008

Frugality, or the lack thereof

I like to talk about being frugal. I like to make plans to be frugal. I like to harrass my poor husband to be frugal. Then I like to go out to eat. Its pretty pathetic.

There is a wonderful list of what we'll be eating this week up on the refrigerator. Somehow, that hasn't happened this week. Rich has been at the station, or out on a job for just about every night this week. I went out with some of the moms from our homeschool group on Tuesday night as well, so I haven't done a whole lot of cooking this week. Last night I had chicken all pulled out ready to make into something fabulous. Somehow that didn't happen and we ended up going out for dinner.

Yes, I feel terrible. We could have used that money to pay off the myriad of bills. Somehow that just didn't happen though. I have no willpower. Tonight we are shooting a wedding so we'll have really dry tasteless chicken for dinner and the kids will be at Grandma and Grandpa's. I promise I will use my culinary talents and cook all next week. I promise.

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