Monday, January 24, 2011

You know it's cold when...

It's been a bit cold this winter.  This morning was the coldest it's been in 6 years.  I want my money back.  They said we were supposed to have a mild winter.  They lied. 

The chickens have been my biggest worry.  They're taking it all in stride though.  Their water is on a warming unit.  However, this morning, there was ice in the water anyway. 

How do people in the colder regions do it? 

I'm compensating by poring over garden books and seed catalogs.  All the seeds have been ordered and the plans have been made for the garden.  I'm just dreaming now.  Dreaming of a Spring that will eventually get here.  It does every year.  It just feels like it will never happen.


Robin said...

Well it was a little warmer here -1

Locavore Family said...

It's -11 Farenheit (-24 Celcius and -38 with the windchill) here in New Brunswick, Canada, which is unseasonably freezing cold. I'm too afraid to go outside unless I have to!

I too find comfort in my seed catalogue and dreaming of warmer temperatures. I've set up grow lights in my basement and there's something very therapeutic about watching seedlings grow.

Here's to warmer days ahead!

Mrs.Rabe said...

It has been very cold here this winter as well.

So looking forward to spring!

Leigh said...

Another cold winter here too, relatively speaking. I don't reckon lows in the teens seem all that bad in other parts of the country. Still, we're not used to it!

I like your weather gadget. Mine doesn't show relative humidity. That's a nice feature.

The Mom said...

Robin, that's downright toasty!

Locavore Family, that's frigid! I haven't started any seeds yet. It will be a few weeks yet. I'm half tempted to start something just to have something alive and green.

Mrs Rabe, it's been a brutal winter. Spring will be here soon.

Leigh, I'm sure some will think that my -5 was wimpy. It is all in what you're used to.
I got the weather gadget from Amazon a few years ago and I love it.

Daphne said...

I'm sure the people in California are thinking the same thing. How do those crazy northerners do it. The funny thing is that I grew up in the Colorado mountains. It was so much colder than it is here. But I don't remember much difference. Less snow maybe (not this year, but most years). Maybe I was just younger and could take it all better.

Karen Sue said...

My thermometer was on the fritz the other morning ...I discovered why a bit later...seems I sent my kids out to the bus in -24 F..TOO COLD!! the next day it was +28 at bus time. Think that doesn't mess with your head and sinuses!!
Keep warm!!

The Mom said...

Daphne, I certainly didn't mind it as much when I was a kid. It was more fun then.

Karen Anne, that's a huge temperature swing! What a crazy winter.