Thursday, January 27, 2011

Can I call Uncle?

I'm sure you're sick of coming to my blog and seeing pictures of snow.  I'm sick of looking at it too.  We got another 14 inches or so last night, so there are lots of new pictures.  This was a particularly pretty snow.  It is laying on the branches perfectly. 

The back, lower part of the yard. 

The shed and part of the garden.  My carrots are buried under the snow there.  You can't even tell there is a bed anymore, nevermind carrots.

More of the garden. 

The kids won't be using these any time soon.

The chickens are hiding out in their house.  Their run is, of course covered in a small amount of snow, despite being covered largely by plastic. 

The kids are out playing in the snow now.  My little one is having a hard time walking in it at this point.  The side yard where they play, is the worst with drifting. 

I wish I could start a few seeds, but its still way too early.  At this rate we won't thaw until May.  As was mentioned in the comments, snow is great for the garden.  The old timers used to call it 'poor man's fertilizer'.  If that's the case, it should be a great garden next summer.

Boston usually gets about 48 inches of snow in a season.  In the past month alone they've gotten over 60 inches.  We're just south of Boston, between Boston and Cape Cod.  We've gotten more than that, but I'm not sure of the exact total.  I'd say we're closer to 70 inches in about 30 days.  That's why I want to call Uncle!


Leigh said...

Call away! LOL DH and I have been reading Farmer Boy in the evenings (well he reads out loud, I knit). We just read the part last night about snow being the poor man's fertilizer. Father Wilder actually had his son Royal go out and plow the snow into the fields! I couldn't help but wonder what Royal thought about that.

Locavore Family said...

I can't remember where you live (in the states, I imagine if you're using inches). I'm on the Canadian East Coast and I'm so sick of this weather! AGH! It's storming right now and my back is aching from so much shovelling. If it's not arctic cold, it's blizzarding.

Enough already!

Daphne said...

I know just how you feel. Luckily we only got about 8-9" in this last storm, but geez it has been enough already. I'd like to have a few weeks without snow so I can see the sidewalks again. And the pavement on our little street. I'm really praying that February and March are dry and warmer than normal. I couldn't see my beds before this last storm. Still can't. I keep thinking about winter gardening, but who wants to shovel a path to a low tunnel right now?. Not me. I've started my first seeds though. Onions. They always get started in January even though my schedule always says February. They really need the time. Some day I'll fix my schedule to reflect it.

Robin said...

We got about 12" in this storm. This is our biggest snow fall so far this year. The storms have been tracking about 20 miles east of we been missing the real big ones!!

It will be spring before you know it!!

meemsnyc said...

I like your chicken coop. How many chickens do you have in there?

tami said...

I don't mind seeing your snowy pictures. It is pretty but amazing that you all are getting POUNDED with so much snow.

The Mom said...

Meemsnyc, there are 5 chickens in the tractor now. We had 6, but lost one last spring during the flooding.

Tami, we are getting pounded.