Sunday, October 10, 2010

First frost 10-10-10

Last night was our first frost.  It was late this year, which wasn't really all that surprising.  After a  early, wet spring and a hot dry summer, we weren't looking for an early frost.  It has been a wonderful year for gardening here in New England.  Just what the doctor ordered after last year's debacle. 

I had already ripped out the dying tomatoes on Friday.  All that was left in the garden was the cool weather crops who don't care too much about the frost.  I'm hoping to get them to continue doing their thing until Thanksgiving or so.  We'll see. 

There were plans for hoop houses, but after a difficult year in other aspects of my life, I've decided to forgo the overwintering until next year.  I'm hoping that next year will be easier on me.  This year was wonderful for figuring out when things needed to be planted for the fall garden.  What is there will be eaten by us and the chickens, or stored for later use. 

Today is 10-10-10 which is a date used by several organizations to highlight the climate crisis.  I'm planning to spend today in the garden putting it to bed.  The garlic bed needs to be amended and planted.  I'll also be looking to plant my potato onions.  More about those later.

The tomato bed will be capped with a good layer of cow manure this weekend and then left to sleep for the winter.  I still have lots to do in the garden.  The last bed of potatoes still needs to be dug.  We've had quite a bit of rain, so I'm waiting for it to dry out still.  There is an "almost 17" year old up the street who has offered to help.  He spent an hour here turning beds over on Friday, but I haven't seen him since.  Hopefully I didn't scare him off. 

My constant helpers in the garden will be assisting me along the way.  They'll get some treats along the way. 


Daphne said...

I've found that teenagers a fickle helpers in the garden for the most part. But that could have just been my teenagers. We missed the frost. It got into the thirties, but not low enough for a frost. I'm hoping I have a couple more weeks before ours, but you never know.

Leigh said...

I'm hoping for a late frost for us too. So far no frost warnings and the days are pleasant, but that could change. I'm sorry about your hoop houses but can relate. I had hoped to put some up this year too, but can't see it happening with other things going on. Sounds like you're staying pretty well on top of things though.

Karen Anne said...

When I was a kid we were always interested in earning extra money doing things like that or cutting grass or babysitting. Is it just my neighborhood, or has that aspect of life vanished now?

The Mom said...

Daphne, the frost was so light it really did no harm. I'm still hoping the teen comes and helps again.

Leigh, maybe someday I'll have the time and energy. For now, I'm happy to have a few months off from the garden.

Karen Anne, it does seem to have vanished. The kids in my neighborhood seem to have no interest in earning a few bucks by helping out.