Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Garden Update

It's been way too long since I've done a garden update.  Life has been a bit crazy here, but starting to get more stable now.  So....

The garlic is just starting to look like it is dying back.  It will still be a few weeks until harvest, but it is looking good!  I can't wait to see how big the heads are.  The tops have been huge!  I've never had garlic so big before.

 The Early Jersey Wakefield cabbage is really heading up.  I can't wait for the first cole slaw of the season.

 These are my Legend tomatoes.  All the tomatoes are covered in flowers, but these are the first fruits I've seen.  Hubby has never liked tomatoes, but has decided that this is the year he will try them.   He loves all tomato products and my bruschetta, that has raw tomato in it.  He even tried a tomato on a salad at a wedding without prompting.  Of course he said it tasted of watery nothingness.  I'm sure he'll love the tomatoes from the garden!

I'm having a very hard time getting a good picture of the tomato trellising.  They are climbing nicely up the supports and so far I'm very happy with this set up.  We'll see in August when they're taller than I am, not that it's difficult to be taller than me.

 The potatoes are starting to look a bit trampled.  The foliage is getting so big that it is falling all over the place.  It's making it very difficult to get around in the garden, since the 3 beds are right smack in the middle of the garden at the gate. 

The corn is not quite as high as an elephant's eye, but it is getting big.  Everything got a good soaking with fish emulsion last night, with a big concentration on the corn. That should get things moving along nicely.  I'm really excited to try it.  On father's day we had corn on the cob with our lobster.  It was obnoxiously sweet.  There was no corn flavor at all.  I hope that is not the trend with the new varieties.  This variety is from Fedco called Incredible.
Lastly, the squash patch.  We still have no flowers on anything, but things are getting bigger and starting to vine. Pictured is Waltham butternut squash and Rouge Vif DTemps. 



kiwi gomes said...

Looks like a different garden Heather!!! It look great on Thursday, but man, has it grown!!!!

kitsapFG said...

My potatoes are doing the flopsy thing now too. Super tall vegetation is wanting to lay over with all the rain we have had in the past several weeks. All healthy - just messy and hard to walk around because like you - mine is in the center part of the garden and is making two of the walkways all but impassable.

Your garden is looking really good!

The Mom said...

Kiwi, it's growing by leaps and bounds right now.

Laura, I'm so excited to see what I get with the potatoes. I'm also excited to be able to walk easily through my garden. Neither will happen anytime soon!

Elspeth said...

I have cabbage envy. I am literally just starting my vegetable garden and can't wait. I need to be more patient!


(MD for http://www.mygardenschool.wordpress.com)

The Mom said...

Elspeth, thanks for coming by. The cabbage is one of my favorites. I love how it looks and how it tastes!

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