Thursday, June 3, 2010

Garden update

This has been a fantastic year for the garden so far.  We've had heat and just the right amount of rain.  Everything seems like it is thriving right now.  Above is the cabbage continuing to head up and some spinach that is looking like it is about to bolt.

These are the tomato trellises that J built me.  Shortly after I took the picture, I put up most of the strings to support the vines. I'm really excited to see how they work out.

These are some of the Amish Paste plants.  They are starting to put on flowers, which is just amazing to me. 
This is a miscellaneous bed.  In the front are tomatoes from seed I saved last year.  I'm calling them mystery tomatoes, since they came from a volunteer plant.

The strawberries are just wonderful.  We should have ripe fruit shortly.

My potato jungle has been hilled once already and is ready for some straw.  Some of the plants are even starting to flower.  Behind them are beans.

Parsnips have gone to seed and are taller than Morgan right now.  They have spectacular seed heads.  If you'd like some seeds, let me know.

The pumpkins and winter squashes are looking good as well.  I'm anxious for a good crop after last years complete failure.

Lastly the peas.  Morgan thinks these are her personal snack.  I may get enough for a dinner eventually, but for now I'm thrilled that she likes them so much.  They are easily 3 weeks early.  We usually harvest peas in late June.

How are things in your garden.  I'm just amazed at how well the garden is going so far.  It's shaping up to be my best year yet. 


Annie's Granny said...

Your garden is looking lush and productive! We've had much more rain and cool weather than normal, so my greens are doing great, and most crops are growing unbelievably well. I'm finally getting lots of pea blossoms, and a few pods are forming. They are blooming late for me. My tomatoes don't seem to mind the cool weather, but my peppers are screaming for some warm sunshine.

kitsapFG said...

The garden is definitely looking good Heather! My daughter was famous for standing in the garden as I worked - eating the sugar snap peas from the vine! They are soo good fresh that we are hard pressed to ever get them into the house for a meal.

Digimedic said...

Two questions: What are Amish Paste plants? Is it a food? Second, do you need some straw? We have some in the shed we're looking to get rid of. Almost a whole bale. Let me know.
Danielle C

The Mom said...

Granny, we're having the exact opposite of last year's weather. The plants are loving it. I hope you get your sunshine soon.

Kitsap, we can't ever seem to plant enough peas. They're one of our favorites, but I think I'd need about 1000 feet of fenceline to get enough planted.

Danielle, Amish Paste are a heirloom paste tomato. They are a large heart shaped tomato with thick walls. I love them for canning. I'd love the straw, we can never have enough.