Sunday, December 27, 2009

Making lists

I love to make lists.  These are actually 2 older lists that were sitting on my desk.  I seem to always have several going at the same time.  There are small pads of paper all over the house.  I'm not the best housekeeper, so very often they will be found under furniture, in piles and other places that they get lost in. 

With the New Year coming, the lists start to take on the form of goals for the year.  I've given up on formal resolutions, instead I make lists of things I'd like to accomplish over the year.  If  few of those things get done, then I've been successful.  As you might imagine, many of those goals have to do with gardening and the other things I do to simplify our lives.

I find the more that we pull away from the life that we once led, the longer my lists get.  It is funny that we call it simplifying.  I find it so amazing that these things were commonplace not so very long ago, and still are in many cultures around the world.  How did we go so far in such a short period of time?  Now it's considered strange to try to simplify. 

I'll be posting lots of those lists in the coming weeks.  I'm thinking that many of my goals will be placed in the side bar to keep better track of.  That should keep me honest.  Since there are lots of categories in my lists as well, I'll probably do separate posts on many of them.  How is your list making coming?


kitsapFG said...

I have lots of lists too - mostly tasks to complete as opposed to goals though. I tend to keep my goals uber simple and generally just carry them in my head. This year, I want to increase the garden's production by 20% or more over the prior year. I specifically want to increase the fruit production too. The other goal I have is to be extremely mindful of our budget this year. We generally always do well in living to our budget each year, but this year is a particularly important one in that we have a college bound child in 2010. The expenses will be mounting and we need to be extra careful with the finances.

Stacy said...

I am a list person too. I do have a problem with prioritizing and keeping them organized tho.

The Mom said...

Kitsap, I want to be like you! If I could do half as well in the garden, I'd be a happy girl. College next year will take quite a bit out of the budget, I'm sure.

Stacy, I need to make a goal to be more organized!

Karen Sue said...

I made up a goal sheet 2 years ago...then lost it. This year's was lost and found. I don't think I did too bad. I will post my empty list again... last year and we'll just see how I do..
And I bought a composition book to throw in my bag and write lists and things on so it was harder to lose. I know where it is right now! Even taped little tabs inside ..

The Mom said...

Karen Sue, I'll have to look at your list. I think posting it online should be helpful for me in the long term, it will keep me more motivated.