Friday, October 16, 2009

I'm green, how about you?

This month's APLS carnival is on proselytizing green.  You can find more posts in a few days over at Kellie's blog.

So how do I spread the green word?  Well, I live my life.  Exciting, huh?  I've always been more of the quiet type (my friends and family are laughing right now).  Once you get to know me, I'm more in your face, but when I'm out in the real world, I'm very shy and quiet. 

The thing is, that I tend to do things off the beaten path.  The things I do, tend to garner some attention.   Attention makes me uncomfortable in many ways, but I also love to talk about the things that I'm passionate about.  So, shy or not, if you get me talking about our food supply, the climate, or consumerism, you're likely to get more than you bargained for.  My friend K likes to tell me that I inspire people with my passion.  I find that hard to believe, but am thrilled if it is the case. 

One thing that I have always believed is that the more people are exposed to something, the more likely that they will accept it.  People can talk all they want about a subject and it will go in one ear and out the other.  If they see someone else doing it,howeve,  then it must not be that hard and they are more apt to try something new. All of a sudden, that vegetable garden might be something they could try.  Maybe that cool metal water bottle would be just as easy as the plastic one from the grocery store.  We didn't get to this point overnight, and the unfortunate thing is that its probably going to take longer than we would like to get people over to the green way of thinking.  We just need to keep plugging away. 


kitsapFG said...

Walking the talk - the best form of teaching. I can easily believe that you are very inspiring in your enthusiasm and earnestness.

When people see that I live quite simply (modest house, avid food production gardener, preserve food, and drive a little very fuel efficient (paid for) car) and know the salary that I make - well it makes them really pause and think. We can afford to live a much more consumerist life - but obviously choose not to. Actions sometimes speak louder than words.

Daphne said...

I'm not a very in your face kind of person either. You can get me to talk about it, but I won't force it on anyone. My MIL is in town right now staying with us. She was complaining her room was only 59F (she has a travel clock with a thermostat in it). I have plenty of blankets for her, but she hates them. We will be kind and bring up the space heater for her. I won't turn up the thermostat on the whole house though. Ack. She does appreciate the fresh raspberries from the garden and the homemade home grown zucchini bread.

The Mom said...

Kitsap, it is amazing what our actions can cause. Those actions can get people thinking far better than a lecture on the same topic.

Daphne, it is funny how inflexible some people are. My MIL doesn't like to come to my house because its too cold. She would rather have it hot in her house and walk around in her underwear. Of course, her not coming isn't a bad thing! ;)

Steph @ Greening Families said...

I agree that exposure is a huge influence. It is really exciting to see that look of, "Wait! You mean it doesn't have to be this way?" in people's eyes. Especially when I used to be walking down that same path!

Lisa Sharp said...

Great post. I often carry my reusable water bottle just so people around me can ask about it. I like to be asked more than just bring it up you know? :)

The Mom said...

Steph, it is cool to see people have a lightbulb moment.

Lisa, I think when they ask, it means more than me just talking about it.

Robbie @ Going Green Mama said...

I agree - it's tough to be passionate but not preachy. But it's interesting to see what kind of influence you can have. My neighbor - who's husband bashes anything green - was first to come over for help with getting her garden going this year