Monday, October 12, 2009

Garden Expansion

Here it is.  You can click on the pictures to enlarge them.  All the beds still need to be filled with soil, but they are built.  It was a lot of work, but there is still lots to do.   The main garden area is 52x18.  There are now 5 other beds.  The 2 long ones are 24x4 and 28x4.  There are 2 smaller ones that are 12x4 and the one under the tarp is 12x10.  That is 1360 sq ft of growing space.  Yikes!  I'm sure there are plenty out there that think its small, but to me it seems huge.  Its pretty much my entire side yard.

This is at ground level showing the beds on the far side in the overview picture.  The tarp is over a section of soil that needs to have some weeds and grass killed before I can finish the bed.  This is the only area that is being built over an existing mound of soil.  I set aside enough blocks to finish it in the spring.  That bed will eventually be my permanent allium bed.  This year the garlic will go elsewhere and the onions will go there in the Spring.  The other bed will be planted with strawberries.

This is from the other side by the shed.  The closest bed will hold my garlic this fall.  The 2 long beds will hold tomatoes next summer.   Hopefully with fresh soil, there will be fewer issues with blight.  I'm really hoping with the additional beds that we'll be coming ever closer to the ultimate goal of growing all of our own veggies and most of our fruits.

With the expansion of the garden, comes expansion of other things.  I haven't had enough space under the grow lights for 2 years now and its going to be worse next year.  The ever handy J will be building me a nice big set of shelves with grow lights now.  I can't wait.  To think this all started with a few small beds a few years ago. 


Daphne said...

It seems huge to me too since I only have a 20x20 area to grow in. I dream of a bigger garden. Maybe some year.

kitsapFG said...

Excellent work! I am very excited for you and know this will open up so much food production capability. I am sure you are tired from moving all of those cement blocks.

The Mom said...

Daphne, its amazing what you get out of small spaces.

Kitsap, thanks, I aim to be as good as you.