Friday, August 7, 2009

Summer fun

We've been enjoying our shortened summer while we can! Here are my babies at a friend's pool. The weather has been more summer like for the past few weeks and we're trying to take advantage as much as possible. When Noah had his 8 year physical last week, the doctor asked what he had done all summer. His response was "swimming, swimming and more swimming". He keeps telling me that I gave birth to a fish.

As for the garden, its still iffy from the wacky weather, but could be worse. I was supposed to be teaching a class on pressure canning tomatoes next week. Since there are no tomatoes to can, we'll be doing dried beans instead. Same basic procedure, just a different product. I love having my own canned beans on hand. No worry about what is in them and in the can itself. They're also quite handy to have for a quick meal. I'll post pics of the process next week.

Get out and enjoy that summer weather!

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