Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dark Days meal #2 Dinner with the kids

Tis the season for craziness.  I had started this challenge ready to take on the world.  Then daily I would think "Oh this meal would be good, but there are 2 items that don't count.".  So, last night I decided to just bite the bullet and make sure that the meal was done and taken care of. 

It's been interesting to define what SOLE means to this challenge.  I'm trying very hard not to bend the rules.  Everybody seems to have different ideas of what exactly will count.  There was a great discussion in the email list last week about this.  To define what I'm doing I'll say that since I am so close to the coast, I'm going to include all of Southern New England and the lower half of New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont.  I'm sure this will have some tweaks throughout the year.  For instance, when we were on vacation in Virginia, we bought a cured Virginia ham from a tiny little farm.  It isn't local to me at home, but was certainly bought in the spirit of the challenge.  When we eat that, it will probably be included. 

So on to the meal.  Last night Hubby was working at the fire station and it was just the kids and I.  They, being kids wanted something that didn't have too much going on as far as complexity.  My kids will eat a lot of things that other children won't, but they do have their limits.  Last night was all about them.

The components of the meal are:

-Hamburger sans bun from Den Besten farms in Raynham Ma topped with raw milk blue cheese from Great Hill dairy in Marion Ma  The kids did not have the blue cheese. 

-Bread and butter pickles that I made from my garden last summer  It was a particularly good year for pickles and we're running out of them quickly.

-Home fries made from the All Blue potatoes that I grew in my garden.  They were fried up in the lard I rendered from the pig we got at Den Besten.

-Cascadia sugar snap peas from my garden.

It was a yummy, but simple meal.  The burger with the blue cheese and pickles was really amazing.  Hubby is going to be very sad that we ate some of his favorite sugar snaps without him.

This post is part of the Dark Days Challenge at the (not so) Urban Hennery.  The meals from around the country are really neat.  Head on over and check out what's cooking.

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Daphne said...

That looks like a really yummy meal.