Wednesday, May 5, 2010


The tomatoes, peppers and herbs are hardening off.  So far they look very happy in their new play spot.


farmwifetwo said...

My asparagus is growing the like the weed it is. More for supper tonight.

10lbs of potatoes in yesterday - 3 rows. Hopefully these reds will keep better than the yukon's did.

100 red onions - bulbs - 1 row in today... still need to plant the whites (100), and 25 strawberry plants in and mulched.

It's 2 weeks early... WOW!!! I don't usually do this until after the 20th.

Daphne said...

It has been pretty warm. I've had my seedlings out in the sun too. Well they are under a row cover in the garden because of all the wind, but at least they are getting real sun. It is nice to have my indoor lights off.

The Mom said...

farmwife, everything is 2 weeks early here as well. I'm nervous about the summer now.

Daphne, I really should put them out it a hoop house. It's supposed to be really windy next week.

kitsapFG said...

Seedlings do appreciate unadulterated sunshine! I am in the process of hardening off my squash family plants - getting ready to plant them this coming weekend.

The Mom said...

Kitsap, they are so happy outside right now.

Karen Sue said...

I think I sunburned some of mine..or they got whipped in the wind. Lucky I planted WWWAAAAY too many! I'm good here! I just won't have quite so many to share!