Sunday, January 10, 2010

Baby it's Cold Outside!

This is what my thermometer read this morning.  Now, mind you its 8:15, so the temperature has already risen a bit in the past hour or so.  Normally, I've already done all my outdoor, morning chores by now, but I'm waiting for it to get above 10.

The chickens are feeling it.  A few of them have some frostbite on their combs.  It isn't bad, but must be kind of painful.  I'll be going out to attempt to put some vaseline on them, to prevent further damage.  Their eggs are freezing in a very short time, so we have to be quick or they end up frozen and cracked.

Toby loves the snow and is thrilled to be home, but even he doesn't want to be out for long.

The water dripping off the house splashes up into the most beautiful designs.

The trees look pained.  Like arthritic fingers, brittle from the cold.

Reaching for the sun and whatever warmth they can get.

The garden sits, lonely, waiting for Spring.

See who else is strolling over at the Quiet County House


kitsapFG said...

That chicken looks dang cold! Poor dears. You are definitely in the grip of winter at the moment. Stay warm and hopefully it will break for you soon.

Aisling said...

I hope the vaseline does the trick with your chickens! Brrr!

Toby is a very handsome guy and looks pretty durable, but I don't blame him if he wants to hurry indoors. I can't quite make up my mind to get out in the cold and take a walk today.

I love the simplicity and beauty in your photos today, Heather!

The Mom said...

Kitsap, the poor things are quite cold. They do pretty well when they are huddled together, but out and about they get quite cold.

Aisling, I hope it does as well. Toby can take the cold better than most dogs I know, but the draw of the warmth gets him these days. I'm glad you enjoyed the photos, I'm learning.

Karen Sue said...

I have a kid that can last longer outside than the dog does. I have to keep track and call him in...20 below on Saturday nite...mighty bitey! Stay in and stay warm!

The Mom said...

Karen Sue, the kids do outlast the dog these days. Much too cold for me. I've been inside baking and knitting.