Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I was talking to a friend of mine this morning about marketing skills. We're both homeschoolers, but she is a certified teacher as well. She holds classes at her house for various subjects to make ends meet. Since both our husbands work together and are in possible danger of lay offs, we're both looking for ways to make money and be more self sufficient.

Its interesting to list the things I do that are old fashioned. All of a sudden, all these things that people have thought were weird, are now skills that people want. The economy is in the toilet and not looking to get better anytime soon. Add to that all the problems that we have caused with our earth and people need to go back to the basics. Now, instead of "why in the world would you garden and can the excess?" becomes "can you teach me how?". The question then becomes, do I charge to teach these skills to people? Do I have classes for a nominal fee on how to knit, can, save seeds and garden? What do you think?

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Fairly Odd Mother said...

I know so many moms who left careers to have children, and are now building new careers that can exist alongside their parenting, but challenge them to learn new things.

I think there is a big movement of people who are "looking to the past" for inspiration: canning, backyard gardens, raising chickens, making their own breads, knitting, sewing, etc.

And, absolutely, you should charge for classes. It may require more hustle and work but I think you'd be more satisfied and may find this is a niche you can grow. If you want to go beyond your circle of friends, maybe see if there is a community center, library room or classroom that will let you use space for a class.

(and I hope your husband's job is ok! these are scary times!) (and btw, this is Christina in case you don't know my URL/blogname).