Monday, May 17, 2010

Independence Days Update

Why is it that when I have lots to post about, I don't get around to posting it?  It's that time of year when I'm busily planting and cleaning and planting and playing and planting and cooking.  What I'm not doing is spending much time on the internet.  I find that I'm a much nicer person when my butt is not glued to my office chair.  My kids get more attention, my garden grows better and Hubby gets more of my time as well.  Pretty much a win- win situation for all involved, except of course my blog. 

I tried to rectify the situation and went out and took lots of pictures.  They're still on the card because my computer is on strike and won't download them.  As a result, I'm writing a long pictureless post. 

After having a gorgeous early spring, we had a brief return to normal weather and had a frost on May 10th.  I find it funny that even with all that warmth, with everything blooming at least 2 weeks ahead of schedule, that we still managed to have our (presumably) last frost on a normal day.  It makes me happy that I didn't plant earlier and risk my precious plants. So on to my update.

Plant something:  Cabbage, broccoli, cucumbers, watermelons, pie pumpkins, Rouge vif D temps pumpkins, butternut squash, gold rush zucchini, black zuccini, corn, bush beans, beets, pac choi and tatsoi. 

Harvest something:  Parsnips and eggs

Preserve something:  nope

Waste not:  Gave all my fabric and patterns that had been wasting away in the attic to my mother.  She informed me that she would happily horde fabric for me and I could deal with it all when she died. 

Want not:  Bought an inexpensive smoker to learn how to smoke my own meats.  Can't wait to try making my own bacon.  Hubby just wants the ribs, thank you very much.

Eat the food:  Can't say that I've done anything in particular.  All the preserved food from last year is gone and there is nothing to fill it's void as of yet. 


kitsapFG said...

It's kind of a catch 22 isn't it? If you are busy you have lots of good stuff to blog about but no time to write and post them! If you have lots of time for blogging, chances are there is only a modest amount going on and so the subject matter available for blog posts is more limited! I am very busy right now with things but my blog posts have not been anymore frequent than normal because I am just too busy to do more than twice a week AND because much of the garden is growing but is not really all that easy to see in pictures (tiny carrot seedlings do not show up well in pictures!).

Karen Sue said...

I wish spring would come for real.My seedlings are suffering and I fear I'll lose the better part of them.

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